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Groups Lessons and Kid’s Camps purchased through the Boyne Highlands eStore do not include equipment rental. If you require equipment rental or would prefer to take a lesson or camp not offered through the eStore, please contact the SnowSports Academy Reservation Office at 231.526.3056.

Snowboard Group Lesson Levels

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
First Time Advanced Beginner Intermediate Advanced
Level 1First time on a Snowboard: Learns to walk, slide, skate and stop with a sideslip
Level 2Learn to sideslip and turn on toe and heel sides, rides wonder carpet
Level 3Learn to link turns from toe side to heel side on green runs
Level 4Learn to move smoothly from turn to turn and ride confidently; make transition from green to blue runs
Level 5Learn to make different size turns for speed control and narrow trails
Level 6Learn to ride with consistent rhythm and to handle blue runs
Level 7Develop independent leg action, ride with dynamic balance and absorb terrain better. Increase confidence on easy black runs
Level 8Learn to ride switch stance and beginning freestyle in park and pipe
Level 9Explore tactics, expert techniques and learn to read terrain. Perfect your skills in steeps, bumps, crud, powder, park, pipe and extreme conditions

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